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Advanced Ways of Selling


Boost key accounts contribution in the automotive technology sector

COMPANY: Large multinational automotive technology provider

YEARS: 2014-2017

MISSION: Develop a ‘value selling’ oriented key account management, to enhance focus on co-design and create more value with key clients.

Dedicated key account business unit with a unique product and service offering, around a new business model proposed to key clients, but not aligned with a rather traditional account management approach.

Alignment with key sales leaders on the target ‘sales model’ to create in order to maximize the use of our client strengths and unique proposals. A creation of a ‘selling way’ around which was articulated a KAM 18-month learning path focusing mostly on opportunity identification, on selling value, on leveraging influence and positioning our clients KAMs as ‘business makers’ for their key clients. The whole program was co-constructed with the KAM teams and our client L&D team.

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