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Effective Sales Channel Mix

Customers demand greater value, complete solutions and customized buying experiences. They switch suppliers and distribution channels if their needs are not met. New business models and technology-enabled selling disrupt traditional channel structures and require new abilities and processes in sales.

In many industries, distribution channels are owned by 3rd parties, and companies tend to rely too much on the sales performance of their distribution partners.

More and more companies analyse the whole customer journey and find out that they need to change the way they manage distribution channels. Others realize that they need more controlled or even direct channels in order to ensure a consistent customer experience at all touch points. 

Nevertheless, they very often hesitate to adapt to all these changes and take initiatives, being afraid to damage existing business or lacking knowledge and experience. 

Against this background, we support our clients in improving the performance of their existing channels, ddressing how they are supported, managed, and incentivised. We also help sourcing new partners, as well as designing and prototyping new channel peffectively, allowing fast scale up and pragmatic management of channel conflicts.

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