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Smart Sales Learning

75% of the 1,500 sales leaders recently surveyed were dissatisfied with their learning & development function. 70% of sales forces report that they don’t have mastery of the skills needed to excel in their jobs! 

Not only is the majority of today’s sales learning ineffective in most companies, but the purpose, timing and content is flawed. The truth is that we are mostly learning the wrong things, at the wrong time and we forget what we’ve learned.

Today’s fast-moving business landscape calls for sales organizations to adapt to changing environments rapidly, to always be learning. 

It is time for evolved learning architectures, focusing on learning what’s really needed (20/80), on applying learning to real-world situations, focusing on true business challenges, not on general topics.


This requires to maximize personalisation, to leverage technologies, to mix the formats with bite-sized modules, to activate peer learning, best-practice sharing and gamification. 

We provide tailor made sales learning & talent development solutions, powered by passion, pragmatism, and advanced technologies. Our global footprint allows us to support the consistent implementation of these solutions in 50 countries. 

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