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Impactful Sales Management

It is widely recognized that  frontline sales managers, who directly supervise as much as 80% of sales forces, have exceptional leverage on sales performance. They drive the execution of their company’s way of selling, motivate and bolster the morale of client facing teams.
Our experience shows that this powerful resource is a too often underestimated, neglected and untapped. 

Excellence in sales management is possible and is key to lead sales teams to peak performance especially by boosting the results of ‘core performers’, this middle 60% of the team where progress makes the biggest difference.

We support our clients in defining and implementing an ‘augmented’ sales management system, where sales managers fully understand the company’s strategy and their own specific role in it. We work on the required  cultural traits, rituals and KPI systems to maximise team engagement and responsibility, to develop their abilities through coaching, to ensure a consistent implementation of the way of selling and a rigorous day-to-day performance management.

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