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Smart Sales Learning


Create a sales learning program in the steel industry

COMPANY: Major international steel producer

YEARS: 2010-2014

MISSION: Build an effective competence development program for account managers and KAMs.

After a market downturn, a unique opportunity to enhance sales methods and level of effectiveness to be better prepared for the rebound, and rather transactional approach even with large accounts.

After a diagnostic done in 6 countries, which highlighted the rather transactional sales approach even with some important accounts, a very hands-on and action-oriented sales learning journey was constructed with selected client sales leaders. The blended program, mixing physical and virtual bite-size training modules, with work on real client situations, was implemented in 21 countries in 17 languages and allowed a perfect mastery of the new account management approach by all sales roles, backed by tangible sales results on the 225 clients targeted for the training.

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