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Smart Sales Learning


Develop prescription capabilities in the infrastructure security industry

COMPANY: Leading infrastructure security solutions manufacturer

YEARS: 2015-2017

MISSION: Develop strong prescription capabilities to boost the market share on large projects sales and secure downstream sales.

A very dynamic security solutions manufacturers, expanding rapidly in many markets, but with a rather low market share on major infrastructure projects.

In parallel with the constitution of a dedicated team of key projects manager, co-creation of a proprietary ‘Prescription Method’ formalized in a playbook, followed by the elaboration of a dedicated training path mixing expertise and practice modules, completed by a project focused operational coching by prescription experts. All practice ‘modules’ were done on on-going real projects and prescription activities with true owners / project managers (architects, economists…), to validate the impact on results. The program was an immense success with 22% greater awareness for our client solutions among the main perimeter security project managers, a surge in prescribed projects and in project win rate.

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