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Smart Sales Learning


Switch from a sell-in to a sell-out culture in the pharmaceutical sector

COMPANY: International cosmetics brand

YEARS: 2019-2020

MISSION: Change the culture, behaviors and operational sales practices to accelerate sales growth and develop a ‘business maker’ stance with clients.

A mostly sell-in focused sales force, with highly heteroneous practices and very little time spent on accelerating the sell-out with clients.

Awareness work conducted through interviews, ride-alongs and workshops with customers and sales leaders (field sales reps and managers) on key expectations from consumers and direct customers (retailers and pharmacists). Co-design of key sales activities to be implemented to answer expectations, as well as necessary evolutions in sales practices and behaviors (leveraging remote interactions and digital tools).

Design of an action-oriented training path for the 3 key sales roles and sales managers, combining real-life sell-out training (in the POS, with the tools), remote experience feed-back sessions and operational coaching, which contributed in less than 6 months to increase sell-out activities by 60%.

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