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Sales Excellence to increase sales performance

Managing international sales organizations continue to pose major challenges for many companies. Competitive and cost pressures, as well as increasingly global customers, are forcing internationally active companies to continually develop their sales and management practices and harmonize them internationally. At the same time, they must ensure that not all country organizations are lumped together to reflect different market situations. This is particularly true in cases of mergers and acquisitions, where two sales organizations are to be formed into one.

Making international sales more efficient: The Sales Excellence Program

With the help of the Sales Excellence Program („Sales Acceleration“) we have developed, we help companies to significantly improve their effectiveness in international sales.

Our consultants take into account sales strategy issues (e.g. customer segments to be addressed, sales competitive advantages, customer care strategy and sales channels) as well as the working methods in day-to-day business. This includes key levers such as sales management, visit planning, preparation and frequency as well as incentive systems or sales enablement measures.

In addition, the focus is on the (further) development of a customer- and performance-oriented sales culture in order to be able to react agilely to market changes in the future.

Improving sales performance with the help of our Sales Excellence Program takes place in 4 phases:

  1. Diagnosis: systematic identification of gaps and further development potentials on the basis of data analysis, benchmarks interviews and ride-alongs with clients field teams,

  2. Design: joint development of enhanced sales processes, tools and ways of working, as well as conception of a detailed implementation plan in workshops

  3. Mobilization: development of a high level of buy-in for implementation among all stakeholders with the help of a well thought-out change management approach

  4. Implementation and support: roll-out of the sales accelreation program and exploitation of the growth potential in the individual countries based on the plan developed. Here we provide support through consultants, trainers and coaches.

When implementing the program, it is particularly important to involve all stakeholders, especially the local sales teams, in order to achieve identification with the program and its results. This is the only way to ensure maximum commitment from all stakeholders. At the same time, our approach is characterized by a strong prioritization of topics and a practical orientation, which has enabled us to achieve quick and visible successes.

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